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Dumping the Disc: Offence & Defence

This tutorial video for the Calgary Ultimate Association talks about how to cut into space. The key points are: recognize what the dump mark is doing, fake the marker to create space, work with the dump.

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Video produced for the Calgary Ultimate Association.

2 thoughts on “Dumping the Disc: Offence & Defence”

  1. Great video Rob! I love the upfield dump cut because it can create some great flow if used properly. 
    I’d only add two things though – the person with the disc must commit to the dump. Some cutter, especially new ones, look at the handler for a moment, see that the handler is covered, and then immediately look back up field. They don’t commit to the dump, meaning that the handler doesn’t have a chance to get open. We had a very gifted cutter that we had to drill and drill to get her to give the handlers more than a fraction of a second before rushing a bad throw.
    Second, handlers must remember to clear if their first and second attempts fail to get open, so that another handler can complete the dump.

    1. @MPhelps That’s a point I always teach but didn’t touch as much as I would have liked in this video but I totally agree that’s key.What I found in teaching all about dumping at the clinic during this weekend was that there was far more to it than I realized so I think it would be worthwhile to make a followup video going over some of the finer points, including the 2 that you mention. Thanks!

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