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Creating an Unbreakable Mark

This tutorial video for the Calgary Ultimate Association talks about how to create an unbreakable mark and how to beat an unbreakable mark. The key points in creating an unbreakable mark are: Focus, Thrower Awareness and Holding the Force. The key points in breaking an unbreakable mark are: Get the marker off balance, Less fakes and Fake using your whole body.

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Video produced for the Calgary Ultimate Association.

5 thoughts on “Creating an Unbreakable Mark”

  1. Apparently it is physiologically quicker for hands/arms to be able to move upwards and outwards reflexively then it is to move them downwards/inwards.  This is part of the reason that, on defence, it is more beneficial to keep you hands low and close to your body as a starting position.
    That said, if the person you’re marking keeps throwing overheads or high-releases then stick a hand up in front of their face, generally the hand on the break side. Be ready to bring it down again quickly to preevent a break-force throw once you start to move around though.

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