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Getting to Know Thomas Kuhn

Thomas Kuhn, an ultimate frisbee player living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, won World’s in 2008 with the Team Canada Open team. He was recently selected to the roster again this year and will be traveling to Sakai, Japan in July to compete in the 2012 World Ultimate and Guts Championships.

I’ve been playing ultimate with Thomas for about 5 years so I recently had the chance to sit down and ask him some questions. Thomas has worked hard and earned his spot on the team. He’s a testament to how hard work and practice pay off and help you become a better player.

4 thoughts on “Getting to Know Thomas Kuhn”

  1. I learned a lot from this interview about what it takes to become a world champion! Thomas Kuhn is like Kate Winslet in Titanic -“king of the world!” or was that Dicaprio’s line? I don;t know I never saw it.

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