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Three Tips to Prepare for Tryouts

In this video, I give three tips I feel will help you prepare for tryouts for an ultimate frisbee team. With only 3 months before summer, I think the most beneficial things you can do is practice throwing, get stronger in the gym and get faster/better endurance by doing interval training. I also talk about why I think playing indoors during the winter isn’t very beneficial and should only be done if all the other 3 things are done first.

1. Throwing – Get out several times a week at least. Try to get 100-200 throws per day minimum. Practice catching too (MTA), throwing it with a friend – work on your hands. Practice throwing to a moving target. Practice jumping when you catch the disc – work on what your apex is. It’s important to know how high you can jump.

2. Power – Squats, deadlifts, pullups, burpees, pushups, lunges, etc. Get power in your legs since it’s hard to work on that a lot during the season. Go to the gym, talk to a trainer. Get them to develop a program for you. Look at workouts. Make sure you are using the right technique.

3. Interval Training – since ultimate is all about stop and start, it’s important to sprint, jog, sprint, jog. You need to learn how to shift back and forth from sprinting to resting.

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