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Planes of the Forehand – Throwing Tips

This video discusses how to diagnose your throw if it’s wobbling on the release. This is usually due to your wrist ‘breaking’ on the snap instead of keeping your palm facing up. To correct this you can have the disc dropped below horizontal to start and then as you snap, your natural tendency to bring the disc up will have the disc release flat.

Also, I find people have some problems with their forehand when they try to force the throw along a plane different from the one they’re setting up to throw. What I mean by this is that people will have the disc at an angle different than the one they want to throw (ie outside/in but they want to throw a flat flick). This can cause the disc to initially wobble, it takes a lot of power off the throw and it’s more difficult to have your throw go where you want it to. Just make sure to have your throw go along the same plane from the time you start your windup to the time you release the throw and you won’t have this problem.

5 thoughts on “Planes of the Forehand – Throwing Tips”

  1. I always tell people that the inside wrist bone (the one you get to if you follow your pinky finger in the direction of the elbow) should be forward until the very last moment. It should feel like a pushing motion, the snap of the throw happens automatically (i.e. without you having to explicitly make the snapping motion) at the end of this motion.

    This little tip is what usually gets people to throw a forehand huck nice and straight, without any force. We've seen many people radically improve their forehand throws (especially hucks) with this small but important technical tip!

  2. “they try to force the throw along a plane different from the one they’re setting up to throw”

    Thank-you SOOO much for this pearl! I've been playing for 8 years and been hucking backhands on target the length of the field for about 7.5 while my forehands have never moved beyond blading outside-in ten footers with no accuracy. I've received tons of advice on changing my grip, how to move my elbow and how to point the disc, and so many internet tips that sound promising but accomplish nothing. But ten minutes after reading this and hitting the field I felt like a new player and with practice it got much better still. You actually changed my game! Great site, keep it up!

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