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How to Throw a Push Pass

Find out how to throw a push pass, how to practice throwing, when it’s useful, how to defend against it and a few other tips.

1 thought on “How to Throw a Push Pass”

  1. Nice explanation. I like to use my finger on the rim because I never throw a far push pass. I hardly ever use it to be honest. Also, I never pop it up as much as you do. There are 2 situations in which I would use a push pass:

    1) Dump pass over very short distance. This is easier to do with a push pass than with a regular flick (we're talking < 5 yards here, on a moving dump)

    2) Right after a turnover (or even a stoppage) on the endzone line. Sometimes you can catch a defender slightly off guard and break his mark to an open cutter in the endzone for a very small push pass.

    Other than that I don't use it, I rather throw an airbounce/low-release forehand.

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